Ostrava: Craneballs – An independent game developer

Ostrava: Craneballs – An independent game developer

As the independent studio Craneballs has released videos about their coming sandbox featuring a virtual world with many interactive puzzles and action, a small idea of an innovative game with detailed graphics and game incentives has entered the gaming consoles.


In Planet Nomads, you'll build and use items to keep your chances as high as you can to stay alive on a virtual planet with many various far-reaching perspectives. You discover the secrets of a new, but alienating planet, and escape the mysterious dangers of a virtual world.


The game title, which was inspired by Minecraft, Space Engineers, and No Man's Sky games, kicked off with a Kickstarter campaign in January 2016 and will be released within the first quarter of 2017. The first live footage videos and trailers of the company are currently broadcasted, showing live footage and discussions from the team's studio, how dynamics and virtual environments can hit the high expectations. 


The player is hurled with a space ship on an unknown planet during a mission to explore the universe and its planets.  He soon gets to know that he can leave the planet only with another spaceship. The alien environment and numerous aliens make a survival on the planet a virtual tournament.


The game is developed for Windows and OS X and maybe for Linux. The graphics and design are shrill and the virtual world programmed with thick geometries and shaded with clean polygons.


The development of the game has been commented and broadcasted for various month live on the website. The most committed nomads could see what a team of 10 developers are capable.


After research and prototyping, the result will be published in a few weeks.


A complex voxel engine, which randomly generates an entire environment, is calculating the world that is completely changeable and destructible. You are able to build up futuristic virtual architecture and vehicles with many interchangeable parts.


Craneballs Studio is an independent publisher and a team of 20 programmers in Ostrava, a city in the Czech Republic. The city has been rebuilt from the ruins of a coal mining industry. The established company is programming since 2009 mobile games and is now publishing their first blockbuster.

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