Thimphu: A fictional airport

Thimphu: A fictional airport

Being a few steps away from your goals is certainly an amazing feeling, not just for a man.


The development of aircraft technology definitely has many similar goals, that we assume that technology is discussed almost every time as a masterpiece. Throughout history, many nations have emerged, many of which have condemned the use of techniques as too risky.


Maps show these small changes that can affect our routes through the history as well as the terminals at the airport.


I can take various routes on a map, but only two of them at one of the nearest airport towards the next jet airplane. On Route Avenue, travelers can use the shops of Bailly Diehl, Relay, Swarovski and Burberry, while the Boulevard Route offers first-class products in the shops of Boss, Marc O'Polo and Mont Blanc. Which route we take, is just one of those human decisions, but is also the result of many million decisions before.


We are sitting in an old helicopter and flying to some of the largest mountains in the world because we are traveling to a land that is almost hidden in the eastern regions of the Himalayas and rarely appears in the world news.


Bhutan is an ancient and traditional land, but behind a facade of enormous mountain scenery and unknown forest areas, alongside a horizon of snow-capped mountains, dense forests, steep cliffs, with monumental architecture, sometimes even with the sides of a dazzling and glittering nation.


The construction of the airport in Bhutan was not only one of the toughest tasks we've ever had. There were no major problems with the planning of the airport. People were not so easily worried, which was really surprising considering the significance of the airport, and yet the decisive advantage for our team of engineers, but with a trackback of too many mistakes than any project can normally risk.


Bhutan's airport was in actual fact not designed and built by engineers who had left the elite universities honored. We used the windows of these elite universities just too often to upgrade our equipment. Some of the mighty monastery fortresses were fortified gold fortresses that were easier to enter.


Only the narrow gates allow access and in 400 years these locks were rarely attacked. The fact that the airport should be located near the capital Thimphu was fact from the beginning. The possibilities of modern airport buildings are enormous, especially when several thousand kilometers of undeveloped land is ahead of us. The fact that a small construction is then led to problems due to too much discussion then seemed wondrously surprising for everyone.


Many stores in Thimphu are changing their names very often.


The Uma of Como Paro is probably one of the best hotels in the Himalayas and of course, we spent a few nights there. However, free Wi-Fi, excellent salads and pizza were not the only ingredients for exciting days in one of the country's most remote areas.


“The country's only airport will soon be on one of the rivers near the capital”, was the official statement we used at any occasion.


We then build an airport in a country with 5400 species of plants, 17 conifers, 46 rhododendrons, juniper and magnolia species, carnivorous plants, rare orchids, blue poppies, primroses, bunting, grass plants and tropical trees. Why a very tight place for an airport was a problem, was most unreasonable, especially for those who were not involved in the planning, because Bhutan really offers better areas to build a safe airport. The monks on the mountains behind the wavy prayer flags beat prayer drums because Bhutan really has one big complex: the passion for dwarfs, giants, and the power of ghosts. The giant Mountains were dangerous, the gorges and the narrow paths, which extend several kilometers along the mountain, are mainly surrounded by dense fog.


The city council, which ultimately implemented the government's decision, was mixed with everyone else in the village, and Thimphu's clients rarely came to discuss the latest changes. We often had to consult our projects and architectures, but never before with only a few rural farmers, some traditional doctors, as well as some of the local shop owners in the region, friendly but mostly busy.


There were several alternatives for all types of needs that could not be seen at any other airport in the world.


When we finally flew back the huge canyons, we saw that the mile-long rocks disappeared in the deep mists and immediately reminded us of how extraordinary human life is.

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