Jaisalmer: A story

Jaisalmer: A story

Delhi is located in the north of India. The people of various epochs have given this geographical area many names. For a long time, this region was an eclectic, but opulent herald for many dynasties.


Today, 26 million people live in the second largest urban area in the world.


Jaisalmer, a secular city, that appears in many stories of journals and magazines, is an architectonic star with thousands of sandstones build on yellow groundwork from clay in the rural areas of Delhi. Jaisalmer is a city of cultural highlights with busy streets that lead in all directions away from the city.  The architecture in the city is notable and as abstraction a collection of enriched cultural proveniences without any relations to other historical objects in the world. In the vast regions of Delhi, you will find many unforgettable and imposing architectures, such as the Taj Mahal, whose splendor has become an important monument to every tourist in the world. However, Jaisalmer is a vibrant city and is known for its highlights far beyond any Indian border. Most of the largest Indian companies have at least one small office in Jaisalmer, and employment as a manager or engineer has many good opportunities. He was 17 years old when he was first seen live on stage. This was the starting point of one of the most famous rock bands in the world.


Today, many millions of people are entertained and their songs go far beyond a new horizon of a unique note for music.


Being in one of the most famous rock groups in the world was since his early childhood in his mind. He was as creative as he was intelligent, and the sense of melodies and rock songs has developed in his curious mind for many years since his early years.  He was smart enough to hide his ambitions, but he was interested in cultivating his ideas, resources and abilities every minute and from every side of the globe. With as many popular ideas as possible, he created a successful mindset to make one of the great musical wonders of the world. The mountain landscape has a wonderful backdrop and unfolds a cinematic touch. He was not happy with his chances, even when he was young.  His band was known since their debut for their ingenuity and harmonic chords.


But could he choose what was necessary to be famous?


I can remember that the cars were old and the economic situation tough. However, most of Jaisalmer's decisions were met with fragile intentions. Coming out of this misery was on top of the list of most people with talent and creativity. People first joked about how the years changed their rural life with increasing commercialization. We grew up as well as we could and tried to improve our situation. The people in the city, who have successfully sold these days, were a stroke of luck for everyone. The urban landscape was archaic, but the beginning of the commercialization had inspired most young people in the city.  The city was until then a city for desert dwellers.


He was 25 years old when he started out as a global rock star. When the band started touring around the globe, he was best seen as a talent in music magazines and newspapers. But people also began to alienate themselves. He used the time to often go to parties and nightclubs. The economic situations were dull and boring.  The discussions in the media have eased and people have often left the discussions to deliberately miss the big arguments. Questions about how situations could be improved were considered necessary, but most were seen as a mindless act. Companies around the world went bankrupt, but Jaisalmer could be a place of hope for its beautiful architectonical styles.  Most people remained hopeful, but people told disillusioning stories. Only now and then was his rock band described as ingenious and spirited in every music magazine. The records sold a great deal, and in order to take what one had for small amounts of success, he was talking with efficient rationals.


The seasonal rain did no harm, and the new sprays did not scratch the hall of fame of rock bands.


His ideas had so much power to change the directions of the music genre. The average age of the class this past summer was 17. It was also my last year and the summer was mild and fresh as they sold their first # 1 hit. I drove my car to school, across bridges and through tunnels, but was able to witness the start of a new superstar. He was a good musician, but to experience a new rock star was different. Watching MTV, reading music magazines, sometimes smoking a cigarette and keeping the vision of one day getting another musical icon was the best thing we could have done for everyone.


Even today, you can visit many shops in Jaisalmer City, both modern and traditional. The oasis city is considered as one of the best examples of Indian architecture, but with many opportunities for photographing and writing. 


The Sanchi regions and the high mountains of Ladakh, Dehli and the many monumental cities of the region became magical again, not only because of the legend that we could cultivate.

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