Organising a bike shelter

Organising a bike shelter

The flowchart is a graphical method for organising complex objectives, for example, your website layout, the route towards a destination roughly 6000 miles away or even a great business concept.


Given, that you have various sources and different data, for example, market research information and you need to find out, how you can organise a ride shelter for travelers on their route towards their destinations.


What can you do to integrate all these different pieces of information?


The experience, that you are driving since various years without any greater improvements, can be devastating and sobering.  The idea, however, does not remain silent and the passion for succeeding is getting with each bicycle session every bit stronger.  Suddenly you start to ask questions, how you could get better using all these various pieces of information, instead of just training your physical skills.  Professional bike videos are a good example how technics can differ between solid and loosely knit and how improvements are made between two dates. On an average route of 25 miles, I can ride up to 10 times within a week, but despite that distance, I get perhaps just more ambitious but without solid riding improvements.


You are on your way, for example traveling from France to Greece, using trains, bicycle, and buses. While traveling, you can make the experience, that you need to change the wheel for your bicycle, repair brakes or replace parts. Best opportunities to repair are bike shelters are also available in far distant regions, whether public or private. The most innovative shelters are also offering snack bars, TV, refreshing equipment, and much more things, people categorize as practical, others even as exclusive. On your way, you can often stop in remote townships, experience entertainment and use bike repairing tools, offered for people traveling with their bicycle. And that's the moment, you can think about offering such a bicycle shelter for other people on their way through Europe and the globe.


What can you do?


You can decide to get professional, act methodological and use for example internet software to build a bicycle shelter. I have researched various documents about riding and the bike industry for a project in 2014. I have reopened the project map and found various articles and sketches, as for example a bike monitor for Germany in 2013, the article "Smart Bikes Succeed as Public Transportation in the United States? Influences on bicycle use?" and many other photos and sketches I made for developing safe and user-friendly bike shelters. The aim to build up a bike concept was focusing on a solid riding experience. I used a modern shelter box with separate object spaces and possibilities to repair and lock objects to repair and exchange. The various professions people can take in societies are in need for responding social requirements, for example, a worker to a bicycle shelter with solid constructions, residents to a storing problem or travelers to the need for new parts. Using safe bike shelters are offering many advantages for travelers with bicycles and for people also interested in clever ideas and bigger concepts.


That's it. Best times to read next, what the globe is hiding when you are up to experience the big picture. 

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