Paris fashion label A.P.C.

Paris fashion label A.P.C.

Paris is modern and grand.


The city at the Seine is famous for fascinating stories in arts, fashion, humanities, and literature. The fashion industry is one of the big challenges for Paris and people are visiting the city just to experience the current fashion trends.


Fashion labels are changing the life in Paris and the cultural scenery in many other cities sometimes with underground fashion and sometimes with haute couture. At A.P.C. in Paris, modern men and fashion women find complete new clothing sets that fit into everyday life. Every article is made with fashionable cuts, innovative fabrics and bright colors!


The company's address is 39 Rue Madame 75006 Paris, one popular street in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.


It was on this street that the engraver and illustrator Paul Adrien Bouroux became known when he returned to Paris in 1905. On Rue Madame No. 60 the painter Armand Berton established the first studio and on Rue Madame No. 81 was opened a studio for the architect and painter Louis Süe and his partner Paul Huillard.


Situated on the left bank of the River, people are going to the central arrondissement to spend a few hours within a vivid café culture famous for intellectual discussions and revolutionary literature. Literates as Paul Éluard, Boris Vian, Albert Camus, and Françoise Saga have spent some of their illustrious nights at bars and cafes in this arrondissement, developing literary motives for modern revolutions and the necessities for change.


It is a major area for art galleries and fashion studios as well as Paris' most expensive district with bohemian and intellectual traditions.


Rue Madame is themed in A street of Paris and its inhabitants by Honore De Balzac as an important but at that time characterless street, anywhere in the city, as he wrote " in the Rue Madame, in all the impossible streets and, swearing that if he had known he would not have come so far for a hundred sous, disembarks the professor in the Rue Duguay-Trouin."


But not just fiction happened in the streets of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, but also the formation of novel and innovative literary narrations.


Albert Camus, the Nobel-prize winning author of L’Etranger, wrote in his apartment on Rue Madame, where he lived between 1950 and 1954. But Albert Camus has left the city and is buried in the cemetery in Lourmarin in southern France. You can not say that Camus hated Paris, but he lived in the grand city in own despair, most of the people he knew described as intended, as he, for example, wrote: "I regret the dull-witted and black years that I have spent in Paris." In Paris, he became, however, the successful writer as The Pest sold a hundred thousand copies in the summer of 1947 within only a few weeks.


Today, new brands populate the Rue.


A.P.C., a new Parisian fashion brand, stands for something else and is transforming global trends into must-haves of style-conscious people. Jean Touitou founded A.P.C. in 1987 and became with A.P.C. one of the notable designers of the French Fashion scene. The philosophy of the brand is as simple as clever: make good fashion accessible to everyone!


With each new collection, the label shows how simplicity changes the quality of fashion. A.P.C. takes haute couture as inspiration to make fashion exciting, yet easy wearable for conscious people.  Alike the fashion design from the late 80s, the french label is a brand for clear cuts. The brand is striving with an individual and dynamic touch towards stylish independence.


The brand attracts the attention with it's smart collections to Paris and the Rue Madame as a global trendsetter.

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