The scene: Grand Cinemas in Detroit, Bridgeport and Jaipur

The scene: Grand Cinemas in Detroit, Bridgeport and Jaipur

Going to the cinema is not an old idea. The first theatrical cinemas were built not before 1900. Today, the world famous cinemas are located in cities like Budapest, Detroit, Bridgeport or Jaipur. The cinemas there are outstanding entertaining and recommended because of their hard successes.


Is it always necessary to stand in cinemas just because I want to see the latest film? Is this really what I want to do: see new films with a growing number of special effects while I drink soda in the seat rows of a minutely planned cinema industry?


Many of the new blockbuster films neither make a difference nor do they matter significantly as I can read in blogs and film magazines. Most of these movies are often screened with immense visual effects and stories with only the biggest narrative consequences. Successful movies, as we often read, want to be however much more but only the best film in just one category. A cinema with a sense of everything else and sometimes beyond visionary is the cinema of filmmakers and their ideas of a new cinema. 


On Detroit's Woodward Avenue 2211, a cinema of international films was build up and made for some of the biggest cinema shows on the globe. Since it's opening in 1928, the Fox Theater, a center of performing art, has been an exclusive venue for film entertainment. The theater was designed and planned by Howard Crane. The star architect has set up a unique idea of a cinema within Burmese decorations, Chinese paintings, Indian sculptures and Persian motifs. This is far more than I need for a simple film, as we can see when we go through the dark corridors of the cinema the evenings.


We fly more than 10 hours on an airplane when we want to see films not in Detroit, but in one of the oldest cinemas in Europe. The Uránia cinema in Budapest is old, even very old. The building opened its doors for the first time in 1880 and was for decades among the very few cinemas in Europe to show black and white films. The building, decorated once in Oriental and then again in Venetian Gothic, is not just a theater for the latest films. Uránia is an imposing building, but also a popular scene for a filmmaker. Many people go to this cinema today to experience a better cinema experience.


There are very different films and filmmakers. Films are sometimes visual stories, others are fantastic narratives. Labyrinth, a film by Jim Henson, is only a step away from feature films as a screenwriter from one of his crew members, Terry Jones. Erik the Viking is on the contrary to many radical and engaging concepts of many other auteurs a fantasy film. We, however, see many more features that other authors do not use, some of them deliberately because they may seem too traditional or they simply make problems. The movie shows opulent buildings and costumes, emphasizing stories and lots of jokes. With Erik the Viking, a mixture of fantasy film and role-playing, he was able to get the attention that was necessary for the realization for a funny movie. The film, which, in addition to many fulminant costumes and crude jokes, depicts the reality of a ship crew and is a perfect example of the power of own ideas.


Cinemas should show the splendor of movies. Few theaters still offer an outstanding architecture, allowing people to go on the longest distances just to see a movie. Most cinema buildings are modern and do not just tell exciting stories. Screenwriter films are films, which can be spectacular, but do not often have the budget. Showing what people really want to question can be seen more often in the films of filmmakers than in blockbusters.


6930,84 miles from Budapest, in the busy streets of the coastal city of Connecticut is one of the oldest cinemas in the world. In golden neon coloured words, the cinema Bijou invites visitors to an extraordinary cinema experience. The Bijou has an excellent reputation and belongs to a special class of cinema theaters. The coloured streets are every evening directing visitors straight to the cinema.


Wim Wenders a screenwriter-author inspiring with his films also an international audience. The state of things was written and filmed by Wim Wenders in 1982. When a film crew no longer has money while filming a science fiction film, a lot of bottlenecks and difficulties emerge. The film is a multi-faceted vision for experience cinematic reality a different way. As Wim Wenders is often recommended as a screenwriter with a sense for cinema as a convincing representation of a factual world, we experience a vision of theater with small proportions, but many negative emotions.


But cinema has not only seen many successful evenings in the United States. When I sit then the next minute in an airplane on a 25-hour flight with Jet Airways to Jaipur, I'm on the way to a different vision of theatrical entertainment. Jaipur offers many things, but above everything also one of the best theaters in India. We went into the movie room as if in a dream, as we are experiencing the first performances of a new entertaining medium, in mysterious words described also on a table next to the entrance. To watch movies was for a long time just a hidden world, yet with exclusivity. As words do not remain ineffective, the movie cinema got soon the attention that people needed to go to this cinema. Only there you could meet with style and elegance a new world, was just one recommendation. Rajmandir was first an idea and has up today screened many films. The first-class cinema was opened in 1976. While other cinemas only offer some popcorn, viewers are experiencing lightning, many scents, and coloured cinematic experiences.


Movies that reach far more are often desired, perhaps with excellent music or else with excellent dialogues, but what I want most of all is to create a positive cinematic world, not a simple observation of facts and single effects. Scenes for movies then inspire and engage people for the real.

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