Being a few steps away from your goals is certainly an amazing feeling, not just for a man.   The development of aircraft technology definitely has many similar goals, that we assume that technology is discussed almost every time as a masterpiece. Throughout history, many nations have emerged, many of which have condemned the use of techniques as too risky.   Maps show these small changes that can affect our routes through the history as well as the terminals at the airport.   I can take various routes on a map, but only two of them at one of the nearest airport towards the nextRead More →

Delhi is located in the north of India. The people of various epochs have given this geographical area many names. For a long time, this region was an eclectic, but opulent herald for many dynasties.   Today, 26 million people live in the second largest urban area in the world.   Jaisalmer, a secular city, that appears in many stories of journals and magazines, is an architectonic star with thousands of sandstones build on yellow groundwork from clay in the rural areas of Delhi. Jaisalmer is a city of cultural highlights with busy streets that lead in all directions away from the city.  The architecture inRead More →