the globe

The flowchart is a graphical method for organising complex objectives, for example, your website layout, the route towards a destination roughly 6000 miles away or even a great business concept.   Given, that you have various sources and different data, for example, market research information and you need to find out, how you can organise a ride shelter for travelers on their route towards their destinations.   What can you do to integrate all these different pieces of information?   The experience, that you are driving since various years without any greater improvements, can be devastating and sobering.  The idea, however, does not remain silentRead More →

Various objectives need to be done when making a trip, for example, to find the best maps, get new IT equipment, to use a compass, modify the tents, use just the intelligent instructions, build bicycles, buy a low priced, but useful caravan or mark the best web addresses. Reading travel magazines to stay updated is however not recommended at least not every week. Reading travel magazines, especially the web editions, and then just selected articles is the usual habit of people interested in making a trip. Many travel articles are written with too many false information or prejudiced comments and the search for well-written articlesRead More →