As many websites are developed as interactive entertainment, I can use many sources for ideas. Taking notes and commenting is just a small fraction of getting better concepts.   Johan Huizinga and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi are both researchers, however with decades of ideation in between, and each has developed very different ideas, how games, play, and interactivity are integrated into a society with a diminishing time for leisure and creative skills.   At the University Leiden, Johan Huizinga has developed as professor his sociological theories about the human play and human creativity as a possibility for a better wording.   His scientific views about the human interestRead More →

Paris is modern and grand.   The city at the Seine is famous for fascinating stories in arts, fashion, humanities, and literature. The fashion industry is one of the big challenges for Paris and people are visiting the city just to experience the current fashion trends.   Fashion labels are changing the life in Paris and the cultural scenery in many other cities sometimes with underground fashion and sometimes with haute couture. At A.P.C. in Paris, modern men and fashion women find complete new clothing sets that fit into everyday life. Every article is made with fashionable cuts, innovative fabrics and bright colors!   TheRead More →