Going to the cinema is not an old idea. The first theatrical cinemas were built not before 1900. Today, the world famous cinemas are located in cities like Budapest, Detroit, Bridgeport or Jaipur. The cinemas there are outstanding entertaining and recommended because of their hard successes.   Is it always necessary to stand in cinemas just because I want to see the latest film? Is this really what I want to do: see new films with a growing number of special effects while I drink soda in the seat rows of a minutely planned cinema industry?   Many of the new blockbuster films neither makeRead More →

We are writing 1984 in our calendars.   It was then the year as David Lynch has written not only an abundant sci-fi story but also a perfect cinematic piece as subtle and noir as not many movies have become up to date. A science fiction book by Frank Herbert, which has been considered as non-filmable, has been taken and adapted for the screen. A cinematic masterpiece has emerged from an enriched metaphorical language and a mystical vision of the future has been written in a book with almost 400 pages.   The film shootings started in March 1983 with a first tape for „TheRead More →