In a cone of white light near the monumental tree.



I am Stephan, freelancer, graphic designer, scientist, copywriter and author.


When I write, I prefer to do two things: I write the lyrics everywhere, but not in my office, and I spend hours researching the important articles in magazines and newspapers of the past decades. In these days I wake up, often drink a cup of tea, and then start to write and sketch.


I am the type of author who, when he closes the door, needs the right scenes to experience the world in "famous". On a single day, I visit the unique sites, hidden places and the cultural artifacts, always with pens, laptop and camera.


The focus of the website is programmatic. The abstracted idea deals with unique themes, statistics, modern brands, controversies and positive attitudes. New and modern are important factors behind an idea that uses exceptional effects and has been written for a global audience.