In a cone of white light, near the monumental tree.



I am Stephan, graphic designer, copywriter, freelancer and author.


In the days of writing I wake up, often drink a cup of tea and start sketching and writing. When I write texts, exactly two things change the action of writing. I write the lyrics, some of which tell fantastic, often journalistic, many rational and narrative stories, everywhere but in my bureau, where I still have a few hours to find the most notable articles in magazines, many of them structural for the famous and legendary realms.


The texts describe entertaining, rough and wild, with euphoria, strong, even innovative, fictional and stylized, about events that can take place on earth.


When I close the door, I want only the good scripts that make the world famous. I then visit the unique locations of the maps, look for hidden artifacts, create the creative meanings, always with a pen, laptop and camera at hand.


Ideas for the texts are not only created in these legendary places. When words are written, only the precious moments in the life of an author are significant.


[in]eleved.points publishes texts programmatically, is an abstract idea and speaks about the fascination of unique stories, the power of positive emotions, accurate statistics, modern brands, controversy and luck.