April 2017

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As the independent studio Craneballs has released videos about their coming sandbox featuring a virtual world with many interactive puzzles and action, a small idea of an innovative game with detailed graphics and game incentives has entered the gaming consoles.   In Planet Nomads, you’ll build and use items to keep your chances as high as you can to stay alive on a virtual planet with many various far-reaching perspectives. You discover the secrets of a new, but alienating planet, and escape the mysterious dangers of a virtual world.   The game title, which was inspired by Minecraft, Space Engineers, and No Man’s Sky games, kicked off with aRead More →

We are writing 1984 in our calendars.   It was then the year as David Lynch has written not only an abundant sci-fi story but also a perfect cinematic piece as subtle and noir as not many movies have become up to date. A science fiction book by Frank Herbert, which has been considered as non-filmable, has been taken and adapted for the screen. A cinematic masterpiece has emerged from an enriched metaphorical language and a mystical vision of the future has been written in a book with almost 400 pages.   The film shootings started in March 1983 with a first tape for „TheRead More →

As many websites are developed as interactive entertainment, I can use many sources for ideas. Taking notes and commenting is just a small fraction of getting better concepts.   Johan Huizinga and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi are both researchers, however with decades of ideation in between, and each has developed very different ideas, how games, play, and interactivity are integrated into a society with a diminishing time for leisure and creative skills.   At the University Leiden, Johan Huizinga has developed as professor his sociological theories about the human play and human creativity as a possibility for a better wording.   His scientific views about the human interestRead More →